The IT Memory Leak


~ by Randy Wagner Find Opportunities for Improvement in the Helpdesk As software professionals from various disciplines, we strive to create and deliver quality in the systems, functions, data, and reports that we implement. However, as we all know, there is no perfect system and there’s always opportunity for improving existing code or adding and…

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Known Good

~ by Randy Wagner Why Project Assumptions Must be Evaluated Trying to understand the world we live in is as old as humanity itself, but it is often much too easy to rely on what we think we know rather than to honestly evaluate what is in front of us. Whether you do carpentry, run…

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lighthouse Social-media-Context

~ by Randy Wagner The Chasm Between the IT World and the Business Side All of us have worked on project efforts where business identifies a need, Business Analysts (BAs) document the functionality, and QA tests precisely to spec, only to have the business say that doesn’t work the way I need it to.  Often,…

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Culture vs Methodology


~ by Randy Wagner How Client Culture Affects Methodology One of the great challenges of managing a project with a client is ensuring that both the vendor and the client can work to their maximum potential. No two companies have the same culture and even departments within a company will vary. Understanding the overall culture…

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Maximizing your CCM Investment

lighthouse with caption

~ by Phil Devilleres Technology Migration Over Experience Transformation Today’s core transformation initiatives in the P&C domain often underutilize the capabilities of the new systems they invested in. Often, the transition to the new platform focuses on technology migration rather than experience transformation. Instead of focusing on elevating policyholder, agent, claimant and customer service experience,…

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John D. Rockefeller, the Quality Assurance Expert


~ by Randy Wagner Rockefeller’s Focus on Quality & Efficiency Shaped the Oil Industry Industrialist John D. Rockefeller is often painted as a ruthless, greedy businessman who built Standard Oil by aggressively destroying the competition. But—if you examine the history—it turns out that his focus was completely different. He was simply the most energetic when…

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Bring on the Impostors


~ by Randy Wagner Line Up the Impostors At one point or another in life, we’ve all found ourselves in a little over our heads and doubting that we’re competent enough to justify our continued employment. For many of us, it’s a daily event thinking that—sooner or later—everyone will figure out that we don’t actually…

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~ by Randy Wagner Tips for Successful Mentoring and Why It Matters Very few of us are truly self-made. For the vast majority of us, someone—often several people—were there to offer training, guidance, and wisdom. However, we should never be the final repository of all that knowledge. It should be shared like a delicious meal…

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Test Driving

Image of lighthouse

~ by Randy Wagner How to Find Issues Early in the QA Process Learning how to QA a Policy Administration System (PAS) is a bit like learning how to drive. At first, everything seems to be coming at you. Task saturation can set in, and eyes shift from one potential danger to another. The real…

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