CastleBay Corporate Culture – Pariwar – “Family”

– by Harpreet Kaur

How is the Bond Between Employer and Employee Formed?

Family is such a strong word. It is something which keeps us together during our tough times, makes us smile, and brings tears to our eyes. I personally feel that there are two major families in one’s life. One into which we are born and, second, which we pick and comes to us as part of our professional life.

Employees often have a complaint that they don’t feel connected to their companies. The integral connection is missing between the employer and employee. How is this bond formed? How can we build this connection?

A bond between an employee and employer is formed only when the employee feels at home in their respective workplace. An average individual spends approximately 8-10 hours at office each day, so it is very important that the “Ghar,” or “home,” factor be present at the workplace so that there is a two-way respect, trust, and a sense of belongingness.

How Do We Build a Pariwar Culture?

How can we build this kind of pariwar culture? The only way this can be built is by creating strong families of people who are in complete harmony with each other, by providing a sense of security and support among employees. All this results in bringing the best out in people.

I have been very fortunate that I have been blessed to be part of an organization “CastleBay” which brings this sense of belongingness to me. There are various factors which have made me feel at home at CastleBay. These are transparency, openness to change and adaptation with the growing world, and employee satisfaction.

Transparency is the Cornerstone

A very commonly used word, it is the cornerstone for any organization. If the employee who is at the junior-most position has the same information as that of the CEO, we can say the organization is transparent and the details are not being twisted to suit anybody’s need.

In CastleBay, I have felt and observed that if you ask a question to anyone in leadership, I have always received a similar kind of answer from each one. There are no sugar coatings or information is not transformed. Whatever is the truth is communicated. There is no hidden preparation done to answer.

Openness to Change and Adaptation is Key

As humans, we keep on evolving. There is a very common saying that “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” Any firm which is open to listen to its staff, take feedback in their stride, will always keep on roaring high. CastleBay is one such boutique firm. I have been personally asked by the leadership for constant feedback on various parameters and have seen it being implemented. Evolution is happening in every aspect of the organization.

Employee Satisfaction Drives Unlimited Opportunities

Every person has different needs at various points in life and a company should be able to understand and cater to it. At my workplace I have seen special care, attention to tiny details and steps being taken on what makes an employee satisfied.

Having spent a decade in the IT industry, I have seen and heard numerous big talks, but to deliver and live those principles in our daily life is something which I have experienced in CastleBay. To conclude, family is central to our identity and our happiness and if we can establish pariwar at our workplace, which we have at CastleBay, then there is no stopping the places we can go!

Harpreet Kaur is a lead consultant for CastleBay Companies. She comes with more than 14 years of experience, primarily in property and casualty insurance, with specialization in Guidewire Suite customizations.